Wednesday, October 5, 2011

This Morning

I’m typing this one-handed while nursing my son at a café on Forbes.  It’s ten o’clock and I just dropped my son off at school. He’s supposed to start at 8:15.  

But today’s story really started last night.  I went to bed at 8:30 with a migraine.
Those that know me know that I am not an organized person.  At all.  I used to thrive on impulsivity, and freedom.  I realized in my motherhood that all that freedom and impulsiveness just leads to chaos and unhappy children and parents.  I am much more happy when following a routine.  That being said, the holidays totally throw me for a loop.  I have to work hard to have any organization in my home and, when a three day yontif comes, oh man, I really have to work hard to get back on track. 

So yesterday, Tuesday, I was still not on track and then I got above mentioned migraine.  I’m not complaining, just explaining that without my night routine my mornings are INSANE!  I never cleared the table from last night’s dinner.  I never made my son’s lunch for school.  I didn’t even have a breakfast cake baked. (Breakfast cake is a wholegrain, nut filled, agave nectar sweetened cake that can be eaten for breakfast at home or on the go.  I can’t stand trying to come up with a healthy breakfast before I’ve had coffee.)

For this reason I let the kids sleep in a little this morning.  I mean come on, would you wake them up after a migraine night?  And as I lay in bed I planned how I was going to make this morning a little easier.  I wouldn’t dress the two little ones.  They can go in the stroller in their PJs.  In fact, they’ll probably be warmer that way.  I’ll give them cereal for breakfast, it’s quick and easy.  And finally, we’ll just all stay in a good mood to keep the day running smoothly.


Here’s what actually happened.  My son wouldn’t get out from under the covers.  My daughter pooped in her PJs.  Literally, it was in her PJs, then she slid down the stairs on her tush, further smooshing the mess.  After I changed her diaper I called up to my son and told him to Get Dressed Now!  In a nice voice, of course.  Then I nursed my screaming baby.  While nursing he pooped.  Not a little baby squirt, poop.  No, this was an up the back and all over poop.  Okay, still not in a bad mood.

Next is breakfast.  My son doesn't want cereal. "Eat is anyway." My daughter wants more then pours the extra serving all over her newly dressed self.  My baby is still screaming. I text my husband, ‘please tell me something good to focus on so that I don’t drown in this bad mood coming.’  I think he’ll text me back something like, ‘you’re beautiful.’ ‘you’re the best mother ever.’ ‘I love you infinitely.’  Nah.  He texted me back a picture of himself with a goofy grin, giving me a thumbs up. 

At this point I see three paths ahead of me.  One is me laying down and crying.  The next is me getting angry.  At everyone.  And finally I see myself laughing.  Just laughing.  My friends, it was a great gift of G-d to show me these paths, because once you can see them, the choice is clear.  I laughed.  I really laughed.  And it felt GOOD! 

Now I had written a blog on how to stay sane on Yom Kippur.  But I think this was the right blog for today.  But I do want to stress the fact that taking care of our children, when we’re really trying our best, is so holy.  In fact, I would say on the day when we’re supposed to fast and pray all day and dress up like angels, well, I believe the angels should wipe butts, feed screaming mouths and dress up like mommies.  Our work is holy and there is nothing I could do with my life that would bring me more pride and satisfaction. 

1.   This piping hot cup of earl grey I’m sipping.
2.   My daughter saying “thank you” when I gave her some juice.
3.   That my blog is helping others notice the good in their lives.
4.   The ability to laugh.
5.   My husband’s wonderful and needed thumbs up.


  1. You are a superhero! Keep leading the way from tragedy to comedy.

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  3. I didn't remove any posts! Why is it saying that?

  4. you are a serious rockstar. i don't say that lightly.

  5. Thanks for this, Tovah! Laughing is ALWAYS the best medicine! When I'm upset/overwhelmed, I give myself two choices: laugh or cry. I usually pick the first one, and then I try to pick up the pieces and move on.

  6. I hear that Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers want to interview you for their Car Talk show!

  7. Oh man. I wish that were true!!! I'll put that on my life's aspirations list.