Monday, October 10, 2011


Those who know me know that it has long been my dream to live in rural country land. Yesterday my husband and I took the first step towards making that dream a reality.

Now I'm not sure If the butterflies in my belly are excitement, anticipation or just anxiety. I have so many hopes and so many fears. What if no one comes and we're all alone without community? What if people come and we don't mesh? What if my son doesn't have any close friends? What if I get too excited and then it doesn't work? What if it does?

What if I sit back and slowly, intentionally, embrace my future?

What would that look like? I'll tell you when these butterflies fly away. In an old children's book there's a line I love: if you have butterflies in your stomach, invite them into your heart.

This Sukkot, as I dwell in a structure as temporary and fleeting as life truly is, I will try to let go of what I believe my dream should look like. And instead open myself up to the infiniteness that is the true matter of dreams.
I invite you to dream with me...

1. A possible dream manifesting
2. An upcoming visit with my sister
3. A productive day
4. The smell of brisket in my oven
5. No fights with my son!!!
6. Butterflies


  1. 1. Feeling my baby's stomach move up and down against mine while she sleeps
    2. Upcoming visit with my sister who inspires me to live my dreams!
    3. I cooked 4 yummy things for Sukkot today
    4. Upcoming visit with my niece the beast!!!

  2. 7. A sister who comments on my blog so I don't feel like a dork writing into the void of cyberspace

  3. 1. Two dorky sisters who blog and/or comment.
    2. 2 nieces and 2 nephews that I will soon get to adore.
    3. I get paid to dance! And it's not the Golden Banana!
    4. My son ate a bowl of finely chopped kale topped w/ vegan cheese.
    5. Remembering the night rainbow.
    6. Cheesy tv at night.
    7. My amazing family. All of them.

  4. You ladies are the best! I love you all!!! Good night :)