Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Little Things

I barely yelled!  I didn't cry!  I even smiled a bunch!  Yahoooooooo!

Well, here's the highlight real:

Passing inspection. (Man did that feel good!)  It's been a bumpy road of an apparently very illegal situation.  (But not the bad, crack dealing kind.)  But apparently I was supposed to have taken care of the title of the car around, I don't know, a year ago maybe?  The real question is, how is it that I got pulled over when I visited my sister in Ithaca (again, not the bad kind, like reckless driving or speeding, just talking on my phone after I crossed state lines), and they didn't say anything about my expired registration?  Well, not I am a bonafide, responsible car owner.  (I am trying to keep a straight face here.  So could you be so kind as to not laugh at me?)  When I did take the title to the notary to have everything done right, they saw it and started showing it all around the office and laughing.  I started laughing too.  You know, that way we were laughing together.  But I didn't really get the joke.

Fed the kids some quick snacks and then made myself super fresh, pasture raised (from my neighbor) eggs with salsa and cheese.  YUUUUUMMMMMMM!

Went to a new park a few miles away with my neighbor.  Awesome time, chilling out in the shade, feet in the creek, kids playing, catching fish, salamanders, and crawfish.  Totally fabulous.

Did our laundry Amish style!  It was actually crazy enjoyable.  Outside, three buckets, some soap, water and this big plunger looking thing.  The kids even loved it.  We hung everything out on the line.  I felt super superior to everyone on the planet for being so green and sustainable.  I mean, not only was I leaving no carbon footprint, I was working on my biceps!  Take that funky co-op, tattooed and pierced, I bring my own personalized bag made of regurgitated, organic kale, hipster hippies!

Got a bit of weeding done.

Watched a storm roll in.  They actually do that, roll in.  It's a moment full of awe.  AND I got all my laundry off the line just before the rain fell. HELL YEAH!

Ate homemade, organic spelt crust pizza with anchovies, onions and garlic from the garden.

The kids helped clean when we were done and earned orange juice popsicles.  I had one too!

Laundry is put away.  Blog is almost done.  Dishes to follow.

And what do I take away from all this?

A full belly, that's for sure.  But also really internalizing the 'it's the little things' lesson that gets taught so often.  It really was a day of little things.  But they added up to a good day.  And if my life is filled with days like these, well, I think I can handle that.

  1. Everything I just mentioned
  2. Papa's coming tomorrow!
  3. Not having to deal with the worst part of the day, which is definitely bedtime (thanks again Hubby!)
  4. It's still light out

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  1. Regurgitated kale? Anyway. once again thanks for sharing the little things and the big things with all of us. And plunge on sweetie.