Sunday, July 21, 2013

Dear Moon

Okay guys.
Apparently I have very little to say today, because I just wrote and (thankfully) erased, an entire blog that was a letter to the moon. Yeah. I know, you don't have to say it. 

So instead I'll just give you this:
Sometimes I am sure, so very sure, that in the end, everything will be ok.

And sometimes... Sometimes I wonder if I'm naive, or just fooling myself. And it's not going to be ok unless I make some significant changes, kick my ass into gear, and make it ok.

That's very empowering and VERY scary. 

I don't want to take the easy way out and say they're both true. Maybe they are. Maybe not. But I worry. I worry that I am living my life, walking through brush and sweating my ass off while I use a machete to clear the way. Meanwhile, if I would look ten feet to my left, someone already cleared and paved a path that goes to the same place. 

But does the beaten path take you to the same place? And if it does, when you get there, have you just wasted so much time and burnt yourself out? Or are you stronger and more experienced?  

These are my thoughts for tonight. Good night.

1. My kids had a GREAT day with my in-laws
2. I had a day without my kids
3. Spending special time with a dear and beloved friend
4. Not losing my temper when my daughter got out of bed for the umpteenth time
5. The Tchaikovsky for kids CD that kept my kids quiet for almost the whole ride down
6. Almost bedtime 

1 comment:

  1. Nice post!! Really enjoyed reading it. About the beaten path- I think of labor when I hear about the beaten path and the work that goes into it. You can get an epidural and ride thru labor without all the pain, or go natural, and get thru all that excruciating pain, and still end up with the same result- a healthy baby. For me personally, and for so many I know, choosing the harder path makes me empowered, strong, invincible and totally grateful for this body of skin, muscle and bone that is capable of so much. Many don't feel the need to have those specific feelings, so it's really a personality thing I think. Keep at what you are doing Tova, you are strong!! stronger than you know!