Monday, April 29, 2013

Getting to Know You. And the Leibster Award!

An amazing and inspiring blogger friend passed on to me a Leibster Award!  Thanks Caitlyn of  This is an award given by bloggers to bloggers, all with less than 200 followers.  I definitely qualified!  As honored as I am, the rules are that if you receive this prestigious award, you must then pass it on to eleven more bloggers.  Kind of a blogger chain letter that makes everyone feel good.  The problem is that I don't really read blogs.  Kind of hypocritical to want you all to read my blog, but not make the effort to read other's.  But I write this blog because it's my therapy.  And I'm a bit of an over-sharer.  And I like talking about myself.  And if I have time to read, it will probably be The Small Farming Journal, or The Beekeeper's Bible, or anything written by Joel Salatin.  Or it will be Angelina Ballerina.  

So I have decided to pass on the award but accept the questions, because I think they're fun.  And when I'm done I would like to try something.  I would like to ask YOU questions!  I'll make up some questions and number them.  Then, in the comments section, put down the question number (or numbers) you're answering and answer away!  No judgement people.  I'm not looking for the wittiest or hippest answer, just an honest one.  It's time for me to indulge myself a little less by going off on one of my tangents and learn about YOU!  I've seen from my stats that people in Germany, Mexico, UK, Australia, United Arab Emirates and more have all visited my page.  I want to meet YOU.  And all you Americans, Canadians and Israelis... Speak up!  You have a voice and I want to hear it. 

But without further ado, I will now answer the questions that were put to me. 

1. Where on earth do you feel the most yourself?
    It's not a place so much as anywhere where my family is.  I feel disoriented if I haven't seen      my children for 24 hours.  
2. What is your favorite quality in a friend?
    It's definitely security.  The more they are secure in who they are, the less I feel I have to be anyone but me. 
3. Best sandwich you ever ate.
   When I was pregnant I used to eat a fried egg with two strips of soy bacon inside two berry buckwheat waffles smothered in cream cheese.  It's probably not the most high class, or best sandwich I ever ate, but it seemed like it at the time.  (And I ate it almost every morning!)
4. Window or aisle?
5. Favorite mistake.
    So easy.  Getting pregnant the third time. 
6. What is your dream date night?
    Oh man.  I don't know the last time I went out on a date.  At this point I imagine it would be something like not having to cook one night.  But honestly, a dream date right now would be more about not having to worry about anything for one night so I could really just put my focus on connecting to my husband, without all the noise.
7. What did you want to be when you grew up?  
   A marine biologist.  A zookeeper.  A vet.  Anything that had to do with animals.
8. What do you want to be when you grow up? 
9. Best advice ever given to you.
    Judge others favorably.  It completely changes your entire outlook and how you approach life, and even helps with self judgement and forgiveness.  
10. Worst advice ever given to you.
     "Listen to me..." Anything that started with someone else knowing what's best for me, it generally didn't help at all.
11. Best advice you can give.
     You are ok.  Who you are.  What you are.  YOU.  

Okay, that was fun!  Thanks Caitlyn!

Now, it's my turn to ask YOU questions.  Please take the time to answer AT LEAST one question.  And if you want, (totally up to you) tell us where you're from.

1. What is your favorite season?
2. What makes you laugh the hardest? (like maybe you pee a little)
3. What noises can you hear right now?
3a. What do you see when you look away from the screen and over your left shoulder?
4. What do you feel when you make eye contact?
5. What age in your life would you relive?
6. At what age, if any, did you feel you were actually an adult?
7. What drives you in life to keep going when it's hard?
8. Who has most inspired you?
9. What is one thing you have always wanted to do, but were too afraid to?
10. Most intimate moment.
11. Most embarrassing moment.
12. What do you fear people will think of you?
13. What do you hope people will think of you?
14. What do you think G-d (Divine, Great Spirit, Whatever name you have) thinks about you?
15. Song that makes you smile every time you hear it.
16. Child's name you love, but wouldn't name your child.
17. One to three words that describe your feelings about being alive.
18. Who do you most want to meet (alive or dead).
19. Does life surprise, bore, excite, bewilder, inspire or depress you?
20. One thing in your life you would do differently if you had a redo.
21. Do we each have soul mates?  Or do we make them?
22. Is the world getting better or worse?
23. Favorite part of your body.
24. What is one thing you would change about humanity?
25. If you could put out your message to a lot of people, what would it be?
26. What holds you back from doing what you want to be doing in life?
27. What is something that makes you special?
28. What is something you are thankful for right now?
29. What do you want to be able to say on your deathbed?
30. If you could teleport, where would you go?
31. Do you let shame stop you?
32. What motivates you?
33. What is the recipe for happiness?
34. What is wisdom?
35. Where are you sitting as you're reading this?
36. What's on your feet right now?
37. If you could walk into the kitchen and find anything there to eat, what would it be?
38. What is attractive in others?
39. Are you ok?
40. Can we, as your GoodList Community, help you in anyway, right now?

Okay folks!  Pick one, two, ten or all forty and let us get to know you!

And here's my Good List for the night:

1. My cold isn't too bad
2. The chicks are finally out of my bathtub and I took a bath last night
3. Cheesy spinach quinoa for dinner
4. 2 out of 3 kids in bed
6. I'm 31 and that's OK
7. Getting the Leibster award!
8. Knowing you're all out there


  1. Happy birthday to my favorite blogger in the world!
    A. #28- that you were born to me
    A. #24- our inability so far as a species to stop being violent and cruel. I would take away our ability to torture and kill another being.
    #15- Louis Armstrong's " What a wonderful world."
    #7-the deep down belief that there is a benevolent, all knowing God who always gives me what is for my absolute highest good, not matter how bad it feels at the moment, and that I can learn and move forward eventually.

    have a fabulous year with many chickless baths.

  2. I never ever do these things, but in honor of your birthday..
    1. This one's easiest: fall.
    2. my sisters are the only ones that can send me into 'the kinderlehrer silent cackle'
    3. nana making ichsa breakfast. and noveya saying 'hot, hot, hot'
    4. totally depends on the person. either uncomfortable or home and connected.
    5. this one's hard. maybe when i first moved to israel. noveya's first two years. amazing.
    6. um
    7. love
    9. hang gliding
    11. so so many
    12. that i'm mean
    13. that i'm caring and genuinely kind
    14. i don't think it's a thought, exactly
    17. overwhelming, awesome, terrifying
    19. yes
    20. don't get me started
    21. yes
    22. oy, also yes.
    24. inability to see interconnectedness
    26. fear of failure/debt
    27. what doesn't make me special?
    28. my nushkie, my inspiring-whacky-trailblazing little sis
    29. Shema
    30. so many places!
    31. unfortunately
    32. doing what's right, being me
    33. there's no recipe. just do your thing, and it's ok to acknowledge when everything doesn't feel ok.
    34. knowing yourself
    35. kitchen table
    36. just feet.
    37. really good cheese
    38. confidence & passion
    39. better than that