Tuesday, November 8, 2011


What's the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word pamper? I know, it's the diaper. That's where our dirty minds go, us mothers. You know, in the non-parent world, words like spa, wine, or new shoes are associated with pampering. But not for us. No we hear the word pamper and think, 'why buy pampers or huggies when you can get generic for so much cheaper!' (And those seventh generation all natural brown super expensive diapers? Guess what- they're dyed to look more natural! So keep your $11, and get generic!)

What was I talking about? Oh yeah, pampering. This morning it worked out that my mother-in-law was in Pittsburgh and could bring my eldest to school. Oh, and did I want a coffee since she was stopping anyway? Yes, thank you!

It was such a different morning from the usual bundling of the two babes into the hard to push double stroller, walking up hill in two directions, too tired to do anything by the time I get home, morning. I felt pampered! And it felt good!

And so I wonder... Is there a way to replicate this feeling without being dependent on other people to step into my life? Well, I think of the other times I've felt similar... When I wake up and my downstairs is swept. A clean floor free of toys... I can wake up and not feel immediate pressure to start putting things away. Yeah, that makes me feel pampered. And I can give that to myself each night.

Or having breakfast made for the kids all ready to go (remember the breakfast cake I mentioned in an earlier post?). Or putting a Shalom Sesame Street DVD on so that I can have 22 minutes to type this blog. That feels like pampering.

So here I open the blog... As well as your Good, I would like to hear how you pamper yourself. And please, no vacation talk, only real, everyday options we can all share and use. Wouldn't it be nice to have a bunch of pampered mommies tending their kids with a relaxed love? I think so!

1. Children's DVDs
2. My daughter pooped in the potty again!
3. My swept floor
4. My baby sucking his thumb (it's so freakin cute!)


  1. Coffee and a piece of chocolate in the morning, glass of wine at the end of the day...

  2. This morning I treated myself out to a EXTRA LARGE Dunkin Donuts coffee...but I pampered me by telling my husband how much it would mean to me if he would make me breakfast every once in a while (back when we were just married he did it at least once a week) so this sunday he made me a dreamy omelet!!! pampering me sometimes means a glass of wine sometimes an hour at the gym and sometimes it just means deep breathes till my kids are asleep and I could watch one of my stupid tv shows...

  3. That sounds great! This morning I had creamy chocolate peanut butter tofu pie for breakfast. That was good. I also got really silly and goofy with my kids and for some reason, letting go of the 'mom role' for a little while, that was a form of pampering too! Just having some good ole fun!

  4. Every Friday when I'm doing a lot of cooking anyway, I pop a batch of muffins into the oven for the coming week. My husband doesn't eat them so every for the whole week I have a yummy, healthy muffin just waiting for me whenever I want or need it.